As of today, Facebook and Google are worth over $300 billion and  $500 billion respectively. These massive valuations are in large part due to one thing: data. Even greater, they have generated billions in revenue by constantly seeking ways to make this information actionable. But if data is so valuable to growth, why do so many artists fail to use it for themselves?

Platforms like Instagram, Youtube and Twitter give artists insights on their audience for free. Still, so many fail to switch their insight settings on. Even “savvy” artists I know, try to get the best ROI on social media posts use faulty logic for picking their best post times. Some google “best post times”, listening to the wisdom of some generic blog post. Others have said things like “I’ll post at 12p because people will be on lunch break and looking at their phones” – never-mind the fact some of your followers are two time zones away.

DUDE! All you have to do is click one button and Instagram will tell you the time frame your followers have engaged with you the most!

These are the frustrated words I shared with a friend who was guilty of both of these methods.

Artists…please realize something as seemingly small as YouTube showing which cities watch your videos the most is actually huge.  Couple that with Facebook/Instagram targeted marketing and you have a solid method of choosing which cities you will perform in next.

You don’t need a record label for this. There is free data out there. Artists…please use it!

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Darryl Shamble · November 12, 2017 at 9:59 am

Much needed info. Thanks for the tip

    brandmansean · November 12, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    Np Darryl!

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