How I Used Snapchat to Land an Interview with the Largest Media Agency in the World!

This article originally appeared here on LinkedInGrand Allgood breaks down a creative way he used Snapchat to get attention and land a job. Anyone can take this and apply it to their situation…..


The problem; how do I catch the attention of the largest and fastest growing media agency in the world?

My solution was to market myself to the media agency by targeting them with my own ad campaign. I needed to match Horizon Media’s brilliant progressive thinking and innovative content. Running a creative campaign in a new media space would show the agency my skills in design, negotiating media space, and publishing attractive content. I needed a platform where I could easily target the agency’s employees. Snapchat’s on demand geo-filter was the answer, it allowed me to publish my ad in a specific geographical space. I had designed other geo-filters for my NCAA division II university and so I was already familiar with the platform.

Several revisions later, I finished the geo-fitler and begun researching the best time to publish. I had been following Horizon Media on Snapchat for months and knew that Tuesdays were consistently their most active day. I bought the space and scheduled the campaign to run during office hours at Horizon’s New York City office.

Tuesday, May 3rd finally came around. I reached out that morning by published a tweet and an Instagram post about the Snapchat geo-filter.

The hours went like eternity as I kept checking my phone for a response. When Horizon tweeted back, I ran around my apartment thrilled that they liked my filter!

At 4:00 pm I got an email from the director of social at Horizon Media asking for an interview the next day! To say I was excited about the response would be a huge understatement. During the interview, I was able to tell Monika all about the analytic results of my campaign. I had over a thousand views of the filter and my personal website views increased by 400%!

Now I wait one last time while I continuously refresh my phone to see if I get a position within the innovative Horizon Media! I will keep you updated!

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