I want this to be straight forward, so here are some pros and cons to starting with a single versus a project.

Single (Pros)

  1. One song is a lot less work than a full project
  2. You get to test the market for the sound you developed up to that point
  3. If successful you will create buzz around your name and the developing fanbase will be anxious to hear more from you – probably a project.
  4. If successful, you could possible end up with a record deal (if that is your goal and it makes sense).

Single (Cons)

  1. It is only one song and it is hard to predict whether it will catch on or not
  2. There is no more content for them to check out if they like the song and there is no guarantee that you will be able to get their attention again. (DO NOT underestimate how hard it is to get people’s attention)

Project (Pros)

  1. More content…If successful, people will feel like they understand and like you as an artist. Liking a song is nice but when people like projects they become fans.
  2. If successful you can likely start touring off of the project.
  3. More songs means more songs with the potential to become a break out hit.
  4. You can observe what people respond best to.
  5. More control over first impression. If you create a concise but cohesive work, people’s first encounter with you will feel like they were brought into your world. This is powerful.


Project (Cons)

  1. More expensive and/or time consuming
  2. If not a good body of work, you may be judged on that for some time.

These are just a few quick pros and cons of releasing singles versus full projects like EPs and full albums. I will go into ideas on executing strategy in a later post.

-Sean Taylor

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