1. Sell Less. Create More. Content is king. In terms of profits, the industry today is more like Wal-Mart. Margins are lower and there is a lot of product going out to make up for it. 
    2. Artist Development still matters. There was no global Superstar that not developed. There may be a global record but not a global artist
    3. Show Brands Your Influence. Big brands don’t need you to sell product. They need you to sell culture. Show them you have a cultural impact and can associate it with their brand. If you like a brand and wear it often, tag them on Instagram.
    4. Have Vision. The more detailed your vision is as an artist, the more unique your brand will be.
    5. Build Yourself. Labels don’t want to build you. You need build your own fanbase and clear packaging so they don’t have to do all the work. That’s when they come in.
    6. Document. Tell your story as it is happening. It helps you create more content at volume, connects you with your audience and gives fans a sense of your come up.
    7. Own A Vibe. Whatever energy and brand you have…OWN IT. Be clear and open about it so people come to you to fulfill that need.

~BrandMan Sean