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"BrandMan" Sean Taylor is a music branding and marketing expert, also known as the Music Marketing Maverick for his focus on independence.

He shares his branding tips and knowledge on YouTube. (click here to check it out)

Sean is currently working to build a platform that closes the knowledge gap for a aspiring artists, who now  do much of the heavy lifting to jumpstart their own careers in a climate where record companies no longer take the risk of building an artist from ground zero. "A lot of people think being an independent artist is a trend. Be clear, in the future it will be the only option."

In addition to his branding and marketing work in music, Sean is also and entrepreneur. He founded Adventure Time ATL, an immersive indoor music festival that brought out over 1000 attendees and has worked for multiple fast growing startups. He plans to build his own someday.

"At some point in my life, I will build great tech company that also has cultural significance."



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There is a lot that goes into building brands and gaining fans. BrandMan Sean helps artists, managers and companies get in a position to succeed.


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